Caring for Your Night Guard

If you’re a tooth-grinder, you may already have a night guard. If you don’t, our team at Smiles Dental highly recommends being fitted for one to preserve your teeth from constant clenching and grinding. Night guards are designed to last a long time, and proper care will maximize their durability and efficiency.

It’s important that you rinse your night guard every morning and deep clean it weekly. You can rinse it in cool water to removes saliva and bacteria. For a deeper clean, you can choose among many products, including toothpaste, mouthwash, soap and water, or dental cleaning products.

After you clean your night guard, store it in your clean, dry case to prevent contamination. Keeping the case in a dry, airy location will prevent the plastic material of the night guard from warping and becoming unsuitable to your mouth. It will also discourage the growth of bacteria.

Every week, you should examine your night guard for signs of wear and damage. A damaged night guard won’t do your teeth any good. If you suspect your night guard is worn out, bring it to your next dental appointment so that Dr. Dr. John Oliver can analyze its efficacy and prescribe a new one.

Remember, your night guard is the barrier between your teeth that prevents the need for future dental work. Treating your night guard properly will keep it strong for a long time to come. For more information about night guard care, feel free to schedule an appointment with Smiles Dental by calling 541.787.4733.